About the Author

With a proud heritage from ancestors surviving the “dirty thirties’ Dust Bowl”, her parents instilled in her the values of honesty, integrity, perseverance and doing what’s right; that tomorrow is filled with hope, challenges and opportunities; that it is up to each one of us to reach for that Golden Ring. Ambitious like her parents, she acquired a BA in Sociology compelling her to obtain a teaching position in elementary education. At this point, she had three small children so decided to stay home and simply be Mom. Too ambitious even for this role, she jumped into entrepreneurship by owning a restaurant, having a twenty-year career in interior design, and then owning another restaurant with her adult daughter, a quaint English Tea Room serving Devonshire cream and finger sandwiches.

Unfortunately, the tea room closed on September 11, 2001, and from there she packed her spoons and recipes, dried her tears, and decided it was time to do what she’d been putting off most of her adult life: write.

Now, with more time to create characters and with six grandchildren offering fodder for stories, she spends her time writing, editing, and pitting characters against one another.

It’s been said that some authors draft outlines and work diligently weaving characters and scenes and then arriving at the last page with all things tied up in a nice little package. But the stories that inspire her, and the ones she loves to read, are those with characters who move us emotionally and spiritually. Not a preachy message…heavens never that…but with subliminal heartbeats.

The middle child of five rambunctious Abbotts, Mary “Kay” was born in a small dusty town in New Mexico but spent her formative years in Oklahoma, her parents relocating the family to southern California when she was in middle school. 

Her characters are flawed. Their lives are messy. They don’t solve their problems the way the rest of us might, but they do remind us how diverse humans are, and why it is far better to have variety than being bored with a one-pony show. She often remarks that her favorite ice cream is vanilla, but that occasionally, it’s nice to have a bowl of Rocky Road—to spice things up.

Flawed characters. Messy lives. Challenges and opportunities (both missed and taken). These are the characters she likes to read about on a cold winter night and these are the types of characters that drive her to her laptop. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and fall into her fictitious worlds. Maybe, just maybe, one or more of these folks will guide you toward a more exciting life.