Don't Touch, I'll POP!

Frankie's problem is Wendell. No matter what he does, Wendell seems to find him, and then poke and tease him. Steal his Twinkie. To avoid all this pain and harassment, Frankie comes up with a wrap himself in Bubble Wrap! Thus begins a hilarious day.


Great book for those who have ever been bullied. by Carol Ekster 

This is a great book for educators or parents to share with children to show that kids don't have to take being bullied. It's well written with fun illustrations and the author even has a bubble popping activity on her website.

Don't Touch is a DO READ! by M. O'Reilly

Who hasn't experienced a bully or seen a bully in action or heard about a bully? We all have. That's why this book is absolutely for everybody. You'll laugh with Frankie, you'll feel for Frankie, and you'll be thunderstruck by his attempt to solve his problem with Wendell, The Bully. It's the most creative book on bullies I've ever read.​